• Within FIT:
    • Prof. Ingrid Zukerman, Dr David Albrecht, 1997-2001 (user modelling, plan recognition, intelligent agents)
    • Dr. Kevin Korb, 1999-present (causal discovery, BN knowledge engineering, evolutionary ethics/biology)
    • Dr Lloyd Allison, 2006 (causal discovery)
  • Within Monash University:
    • Dr. Kim Fraser, 1997-1999 (computing education) 
    • Judy Sheard, Gordon Lowe and Jason Ceddia (computing education, Smarthouse project) 
    • A/Prof. Ian Brown, Biomedical engineering, 1997, 2000 (ambulation monitoring and fall diagnosis) 
    • Prof John McNeil, Dept of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, 2004-2006 (medical risk assessment, ARC Discovery grant) 
    • A/Prof Bijan  Shirinzadeh, Mechanical Engineering, 2006 (autonomous robots, ARC Linkage) 
    • Monash Water Studies Centre (Prof. B. Hart, Dr C. Pollino), 2003-present (Ecological risk assessment) 
    • Monash Women’s Health Program, Dept. of Medicine, Monash University (Prof. Susan Davis, A/Prof Robyn Bell). 2006 (medical risk assessment). 
  • With other academic institutions:
    • Dr. Julia Flores, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (Bayesian network applications)
    • Prof. Mark Burgman, Dr. Jane Elith, Dr. Yung En Chee, Dr. Libby Rumpff, ACERA, University of Melbourne (Environment risk assessment)
    • Prof. Liz Sonenberg, Prof. Kaye Stacey, University of Melbourne (intelligent tutoring) 
    • Prof. Jun Han, Swinburne University (software architecture design, 2006). 
  • With industry:
    • Dynamic transport management, 1998 (honours project) 
    • Dr. Shane Dunn, DSTO, 1996, 1999 (consulting, honours projects) 
    • NSW EPA, Geoff Gordon, 2003 (honours project) 
    • Bureau of Meteorology, 2000-present (honours project, ARC Linkagex2) 
    • CompuMedics, 2000 (honours project) 
    • Floorbotics, 2006 (ARC Linkage) 

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