Completed Phd students

  1. Tal Boneh, Ph.D. (joint with K. Korb). Ontology and Bayesian decision networks for supporting the meterological forecasting process (2010).
  2. Steven Mascaro Ph.D. (joint with K. Korb). Abortion, rape and suicide: evolutionary ALife investigations of ethically contentious behaviour. Completed 2008.
  3. Colette Thomas, Ph.D. Development of a Bayesian Belief Network decision support tool for seagrass risk management in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Completed 2008.
  4. Lucas Hope, Ph.D. Information Theoretic Metrics for Causal Power Estimation and Probabilistic Predictors.  Completed 2007.
  5. Jiri Baum, Ph.D. Dynamic Non-Uniform Abstractions for Approximate Planning in Large Structured Stochastic Domains. (Joint supervisor A/Prof Trevor Dix) (1998-present). Completed 2006.
  6. Tal Boneh, M.Sc. (U. of Melbourne, joint supervisor  Prof. Liz Sonenberg). Support for Graphical Modelling in Bayesian Network Knowledge Engineering: a Visual tool for domain experts. Completed 2003.
  7. Matthew Mitchell, Ph.D. An Architecture for Situated Learning Agent (joint supervisor D. Albrecht). Completed 2003.
  8. Joao Abrantes Ph.D.  Knowledge-based assembly sequence planning. (joint supervisor C. White). Completed 2002.
  9. Nathalie Jitnah Ph.D . Using Mutual Information for Approximate Evaluation of Bayesian Networks. Completed 2000.

Current research students

  1. Ehsan Shareghi, Ph.D (joint with R. Haffari). Non-parametric Bayesian Models for Natural Language Processing (2014-present).
  2. Owen Woodberry, Ph.D (joint with K. Korb). Evolutionary biology (2004-present).
  3. Mohammad Rahman, Ph.D (joint with R. Haffari). Bioinformatics (2013-present).

Other research students

  1. Yingying Wen, Ph.D candidate 2006-2011. Was originally supervised soley by K. Korb, I became joint supervisor 2008-2011, issues with health and working after scholarship ran out. We stopped active supervision late 2011 due to lack of progress.
  2. Scott Thomson, Ph.D candidate 1995 (withdrew at end of first year).
  3. Hong Shen, Masters Candidate 2001 (withdrew after a few months).
  4. Tim Wilkin Ph.D.  candidate 1997-2004 (never finished writing up).

Honours students

  1. Huajun Daniel Sun, 2013 (Joint supervision with Prof Jim Smith, Warwick), “Chain Event Graphs).
  2. Kerrianne Sim, 2013 (Joint supervision with T. Boneh, K. Korb) “Iterative Discretization for Causal Discovery”.
  3. Thao Huang, 2013 (joint supervision with D. Albrecht) “Inheritance in Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks”.
  4. Chaoheng Henry Hu, 2012 (joint supervision with K. Korb, S. Mascaro) “Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks”.
  5. Alysander Stanley, 2011-2012 (joint supervision with K. Korb) “Discretization”.
  6. Lauchlin Wilkinson, S2, 2011 & S1, 2013 (Joint supervision with Dr. Libby Rumpff, U. of Melb).
  7. Edin Sarajlic, 2010, “Consumer credit scoring: building a better predictor using causal Bayesian networks” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  8. Kym McGain, 2010, “Opponent modeling in Bayesian poker” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  9. Guanghua Li, 2009, “Bioinformatic study on protein classification” (joint supervision with M. Garcia de la Banda)
  10. David Northfield, 2009, “Improving the poker play of BPP”  (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  11. James Lawson, 2007, “ “Evolution of Utility” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  12. Brendon Taylor, 2007, “Opponent Modelling in Bayesian Poker (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  13. Chung Tue Nguyen, 2006, “Experimental ethics” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  14. Shannon Watson, 2003, “Using Bayesian Networks for Water Quality Prediction in Sydney Harbour”, (Collaboration with NSW EPA) (joint supervision with C. Twardy)
  15. Owen Woodberry, 2003, “Knowledge Engineering a Bayesian Network for an Ecological Risk Assessment (KEBN-ERA)”, (Collaboration with Monash University Water Studies Centre) (joint supervision with K. Korb and C. Pollino).
  16. Darren Boulton, 2002-03, “Bayesian Poker Opponent Modelling” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  17. Michelle Hughes, 2002-03, (BCSE) “An MUD Platform for Plan Recognition” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  18. Rodney O’Donnell, 2001, “Adaptation in Bayesian Networks” (joint supervision with K. Korb).
  19. Russell Kennett, 2000. “Sea Breeze Prediction using Bayesian Networks” (joint supervision with K. Korb, funded by the Bureau of Meteorology).
  20. Jason Carlton, 2000. “Bayesian Poker” (joint supervision with K. Korb).

Other supervision

  1. Dr Tal Boneh, 2013-current, ARC Linkage Project (joint with Kevin Korb)
  2. Dr Francoise Petitjean, 2013-current ARC Discovery Project (joint with Geoff Webb)
  3. Dr Yung En Chee, 2011-current, ARC Linkage Project (based at U. of Melbourne, joint with Jane Elith)
  4. Dr. Bin Han, Research Fellow, 2005-2006  ARC Discovery project (with Kevin Korb)
  5. Dr. Charles Twardy, Research Fellow, 2004-2005, ARC Discovery project (with Kevin Korb)
  6. Dr. David Albrecht, Research Fellow, 1996-1998,  ARC Discovery project (with Ingrid Zukerman)

Summer vacation projects

  1. 2012-2013 Alex Black
  2. 2013 Daniel Sun (MURPA)
  3. 2009-2010 Jonathan McClure (MURPA)
  4. 2009-2010 Scott Zonnerveldt
  5. 2008-2009 Edin Sarajlic
  6. 2007-2008 John Pearce
  7. 2003-2004 Karl Axnick
  8. 2000-01 Tuan Pham
  9. 1999-2000 Steven Mascaro
  10. 1999-2000 Krys Doktor
  11. 1996-97 Amy Holden