Academic Planning and Restructuring

  • Academic Board 2013-present
  • Undergraduate Programs Committee, 2011-present
  • FIT Associate Professor Promotion Committee 2009-10,2012-13
  • FIT Faculty Board 2009-2010
  • FIT Technical Services Implementation Team, 2005
  • FIT Strategic Review 2004: written submission; participation in workshops/focus groups
  • CSSE Five Year Plan, Group Leader, Staff Profiles/Workloads focus group, 2003
  • FIT Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Promotion Committee, 2000
  • Staff representative on CSSE Management Committee, 2000
  • PSCIT Selection Committee, CSSE Selection Committee, 1999
  • Staff representative on FIT Faculty Board, 1999
  • FCIT Representative on University Exclusion Appeals Committee, 1997
  • FIT Restructuring Workshop, Dept of Computer Science Representative, 1997

Curriculum Development

  • Chair BCS and BSE Curriculum Review, 2005
  • BCS Curriculum Review, 2003/2004; Curriculum Committee, Dept of Computer Science, 1995-1997

Equity and Women in Computing

  • Chair, FIT Equity Committee, 1998-2000. FIT representative on University AA Committee, 1995-2000
  • Women in Computing Group Co-ordinator, 1996-2000
  • Mentor scheme for 1st year Female Computer Science students, joint co-ordinator (with A. Carbone), 1997
  • Member of Victorian Women in Computing Network (regular attendees at functions)


  • Unisys Monash IT Summer School 1999-2001: Director, 2000-2001. Smarthouse Project leader, 1999
  • Publicity and Schools Liaison, Dept of Computer Science, 1995-1998
  • Member of professional bodies: American Association for Artificial Intelligence


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