IJCAI’95, AAAI’96, ISIS’96, AAAI’98, PAKDD’98, PAKDD’99, PAKDD’01, ECAI’98, ESQUARU’99, ACSC’2000, SC’2001, IJCAI2005 , AAMAS-2007, PAKDD-2007, CIG-2008


  • Computing/Artificial Intelligence: Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Int. J. of Approximate Reasoning, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part A, AI in Medicine, J. of Artificial Intelligence Research, J. of Software Systems, Intelligent Decision Technologies, Journal of Machine Learning Research. User Modelling and User-Assisted Interaction
  • Environmental/ecological journals: Environmental Software and Modelling, The Rangeland Journal, Diversity and Distributions, Advanced Engineering Informatics, J. of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Monographs, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

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